Were you one of the lucky ones who got in early with solar and have been enjoying the Solar Bonus Scheme? You may know that the 60 cent per kWh FIT (feed in tariff) ends on 31st December and your gross meter will need to be changed to a manually-read net meter or smart meter. If you’d like to register your home or business for a net-meter installation, simply call us on 0419 867 530 or email info@lightouchelectrical.com.au. Make the most of your solar power system by checking out the options below like adding more solar panels or batteries. Feel welcome to contact us to discuss your solar power solution. Our Beyond the 60c Feed in Tariff document is available as a free download here: Beyond 60 cent Feed In Tariff. Still not sure if a net-meter or smart-meter is right for you? More info here.

60 cent feed in tariff FET


Solar bonus scheme