Solar for home

The Wright family, Byron Bay

Solar power for home is a great way to protect yourself from rising electricity costs. Wipe out your daytime electricity use and sell excess energy to the grid or charge your own solar batteries for evening use. Reduce power bills while gaining peace of mind generating your own clean, renewable power. Our solar systems give you control to power your home and hot water directly from the sun; reducing Co2 emissions and claiming your energy freedom.

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With 3 solar solutions to select from – Solar Power Starter, Solar Battery Advantage and Complete Off-Grid Solar – Light Touch Solar & Electrical can help save you money

Getting it right

Which PV system is right for me?

Everyone’s energy needs are unique. That’s why we offer 3 home solar power solutions including the Solar Power Starter, the Solar Battery Advantage and Complete Off-Grid Solar. To discover which system is right for your needs, view the 3 options below or simply contact us to share your energy needs so our engineer and electrical team can create the right solar solution for you.

Solar Power Starter

New to solar? This is a great place to start. Lower your electricity bills; power your home and hot water directly from the sun. Ideal for home and business; wipe out your daytime electricity consumption costs and sell excess solar to the grid. Latest technology advanced string inverters and specialists in micro-inverter technology. Ready when you are to expand to battery storage.

Solar Battery Advantage

Grid Connect with Solar Battery Storage Generate and store your own solar energy. Use renewable energy 24 hours a day. Be protected from blackouts and rising energy costs and reduce reliance on the grid with world-leading lithium batteries. Already have a solar system? No problem. We can retrofit a battery solution to your existing system.

Complete Off-Grid Solar

Off Grid Living Enjoy complete energy independence for your home or business. Can be more cost-effective than a new connection to the grid. Engineered design, high solar panel efficiency, best inverters and latest technology in batteries; select from saltwater sodium-ion or world-leading lithium batteries. Advanced energy efficiency design and advice and system monitoring.

Solar finance Ready for solar but not ready to pay up front? You can still access clean energy from the sun and secure your independence at costs equal or less than electricity from the grid with our solar finance options. To learn more, contact us.

Hot water from your panels Now you can heat your hot water tank with power from your solar system. With the SunnyMateyou can rest easy knowing that the extra power your solar system is generating is powering your hot water heater rather than going to the grid. The SunnyMate™ smart technology redirects excess solar energy directly to your hot water tank ready for you to use. Install. Relax. Enjoy.

Already have solar?

Keeping the future bright

Beyond the 60 cent Feed In Tariff The 60 cent / kWh Solar Bonus Scheme ends on 31st December 2016. Learn more about the options available to maximise your solar investment. Everyone’s circumstances are different – prepare early to avoid the rush!

Solar Check-Up Not sure your system is performing at its peak? We make sure it is. Get the best cost-savings by booking a check-up.

Just add batteries Excited about energy storage solutions? We have the best batteries on offer that can be added to your existing system. View our Solar Battery Advantage or Complete Off-Grid Solar solutions or simply phone us on 0419 867 530.

Upgrades If you want to expand your system with more solar panels or enquire about batteries then contact us.

We are extremely happy to recommend Light Touch Solar & Electrical for installation of solar power. We thoroughly compared 3 installers & their product offering realising there was a great difference of overall quality and attention to detail with service.  We chose Light Touch as the products they offered are superior by comparison as they only select from the green technology and high quality products. We live near Byron and felt it important to go for a local business because we value local business and the follow on of service if needed. Above all, this small business is totally reliable as everything Tim said would be done has been done without any issues. I have already recommended them to a friend & will be happy to recommend to others in the future.

Teena Wright

Property Owner, Byron Bay, with Solar Power Starter

The best part is the after-sales support. They are very responsive. Tim and Mark have been fantastic in installing the whole system really thoroughly and very well, it looks beautiful – we have had comments from people admiring how nice it is. The service is wonderful. They’ve put a very, very good system together.

Rudiger Wasser

Home Owner, Byron Bay , with Solar Battery Advantage