We have selected from the best equipment to create three solar packages to help deliver your perfect solar solution. Learn more about the solutions below, then contact us to learn how our team can tailor-design your ideal solar system.

Solar Power Starter

New to solar? This is a great place to start. Lower your electricity bills; power your home and hot water directly from the sun. Ideal for home and business; wipe out your daytime electricity consumption costs and sell excess solar to the grid. Latest technology advanced string inverters and specialists in micro-inverter technology. Ready when you are to expand to battery storage.

Solar Battery Advantage

Grid Connect with Solar Battery Storage Generate and store your own solar energy. Use renewable energy 24 hours a day. Be protected from blackouts and rising energy costs and reduce reliance on the grid. World-leading lithium or cost effective lead carbon batteries. Already have a solar system? No problem. We can retrofit a battery solution to your existing system.

Complete Off-Grid Solar

Off Grid Living Enjoy complete energy independence for your home or business. Can be more cost-effective than a new connection to the grid. Engineered design, high solar panel efficiency, best inverters and latest technology in batteries; select from super capacity lead carbon, clean sodium ion or world-leading lithium. Advanced energy efficiency design and advice and system monitoring

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With 3 packages to select from – Solar Power Starter, Solar Battery Advantage and Complete Off-Grid Solar – Light Touch Solar & Electrical can help save you money