Alice Moffett, Sustainability Specialist with Jimmy Maher and Adam Goode – our solar install team, enjoying the rays and talking clean energy after installing an extra-large solar system in Byron. 

Electricity price rise rolls out across NSW

A rise in wholesale energy prices has seen many electricity retailers follow suit and increase their charges. As of 1 July 2017, electricity prices have gone up by 16-19 cents for homes and businesses in NSW, costing households $282-$748 more each year.

It comes as little surprise that generating more of your own power is making more dollars than sense. A report by the Alternative Technology Association (ATA), says that rising feed-in-tariffs now favour larger roof-top solar systems, 5kW and above in almost all locations.

“Traditionally the ATA has advised people to consider (the size of their grid-connected solar systems) carefully based on their electricity consumption,” says the report, which is authored by ATA analyst Andrew Reddaway. “However, things have changed. Nowadays we generally recommend a big solar system even if electricity consumption is low.”

Larger systems (5kW and larger) have halved in price in the past 5-10 years, making them better value for money and return. “The added bonus is your contribution to greening the grid, by feeding in any excess solar energy to be used by others in the Northern Rivers”‘ said Alice, Sustainability Specialist here at Light Touch Solar.

“In addition, households may choose to install a Solar Power Diverter which will capture any excess solar energy and divert it to heat the family hot water tank, before the energy goes to the grid. This effective way of maximising your solar system can also justify a larger system” said Alice.

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