Divert excess solar energy to heat your hot water system with ease.

Want to make the most of your solar energy, and capture it before it goes to the grid? With our solar energy diverter, you can do just that and the device does all the thinking.

Based on smart technology, the solar energy diverter measures the power produced by your solar system and the energy consumed, and intelligently diverts power to your hot water tank whenever excess is detected. Power that would otherwise be lost to the grid is now heating your hot water tank – so you can use the hot water any time of the day – or night.

Store your excess solar energy to use at night as hot water.

The solar energy diverter is installed inside your meter box where it effectively monitors the energy readings and data from your solar power system and inverter.

Installation of the solar energy diverter, along with solar panels comes in as a more cost-effective option than installing solar hot water. Homeowners enjoy the flexibility of being able to use their solar panels to generate energy for whatever they like – from household energy, to hot water tank, or to charge an electric vehicle. The solar energy diverter gives you the flexibility to use your solar power as you like, in the most efficient way.

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Can I get a solar power diverter put on with my new Light Touch Solar power system?

Yes, when we size up your system, we make sure you have enough panels to power the energy needs of the home during the day plus heating the hot water tank so you can use it anytime of the day or night. We’ll also consider the correct number of panels and suitable inverter if you choose to have batteries or plan to in the future.

Can I get a solar power diverter put onto my existing solar power system?

Yes you can. You may have enough excess solar power going to the grid that can be redirected. Or you may need additional solar panels. We will assess your energy use and advise the correct number of solar panels required. 

What model solar power diverter does Light Touch Solar use?

We install the SunMate solar power diverter. Designed and assembled in Australia by Australian Wind & Solar. The SunMate has a 5 year warranty and comes with local, trusted support, with the AWS™ head office located in Melbourne, Australia.

How do I find out more?

Check out this article by Solar Choice titled: SunMate, Save more money by using the sun when you’re not home. You can phone our team on 0419 867 530 or contact us by email, and we’ll be in touch to answer your questions.

Do I still need to use my off-peak meter?

Some customers choose to get rid of the off-peak (control load) meter (save $50 per year in supply charge) and use a manual boost button to heat extra hot water when needed.

Those that have time-of-use metering may choose to set the solar energy diverter to boost from the grid during off-peak hours.

The other option is to install an automatic switching relay which will automatically switch on the off-peak control load meter to boost the hot water system when needed.

How do I find out if the Solar Power Diverter is right for us?

Give us a call or email and send a copy of your power bill. Our head designer and senior electrician will take a look at your power use for hot water and get back to you with a recommendation and a quote, if it’s a good fit for your clean energy system.