Design flexibility with Enphase microinverters

At face value, this homeowner’s brief was simple – produce as much solar electricity as possible from the roof of his new property in Lennox Head. However, with numerous angles and orientations and partial shade, traditional string inverters were not up to the task. Enter Enphase microinverters.

Rather than back-solving from what is possible, Enphase microinverters gave us the flexibility to provide this customer with exactly what he needed. They also minimise the impact of shading by allowing each panel to operate at its maximum, unaffected by the rest of the panels in the system. This was particularly important given the property’s position among established trees on a semi-forested block.

West Ballina 2

System Components

Enphase - Logo
Enphase - Logo

36 x 285W WINAICO WST-285P6 panels

36 x 220W Enphase S230 microinverters

1 x 1.2kWh Enphase AC Battery

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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