Enphase was the only choice

Traditional string inverters typically only allow solar panels to be installed facing in up to two directions. However, the modular nature of Enphase microinverters removes this restriction. So when this customer approached us to install solar on his home’s roof in Myocum, Enphase was the obvious (and only) choice.

The property now features 30 WINAICO panels installed over five roof surfaces. Their combined capacity of 11.3kW is more than enough to cover the property’s daytime loads, so surplus electricity is stored in a Tesla Powerwall for evening use. The Powerwall also provides much needed black-out protection and the ability for the WINAICO panels to continue to generate electricity in the event of an outage.

West Ballina 2

System Components

Enphase - Logo
Powerwall Logo

30 x 375W WINAICO WST-375MG panels

30 x 290W Enphase IQ7+ microinverters

1 x 14kWh Tesla Powerwall battery

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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